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Cryotherapy is not new; it has existed for over 300 years as a way to rejuvenate cells and provide quicker muscle recovery from strenuous workouts. It has many other uses, including treatment of some cancers. At CryoFusion in Boulder, Colorado we offer the fusion of advanced technology for athletic training and recovery, joint inflammation and chronic pain. We focus on healing the whole body with cryogenic-therapy, Normatec compression, infrared sauna, kinesiology taping and cupping.

Within a few treatments athletes of all types can expect to experience:
• Increased Ability and Performance
• Quicker Recovery Time
• Relief from Tendonitis and Shin Splints
• Improved Joint Function
• Increased Muscle Stamina

Learn more about our services and discover how you can get relief from pain and recover more quickly after strenuous activity. Gain long-term benefits, too. Please see our services section to discover all of the treatments we offer. If you would like to discover how cryotherapy can complement your other health and wellness initiatives, please visit this page.

Cryo Fusion Colorado StaffKayla Cundiff, ATC


Kayla is a board-certified athletic trainer and the Manager at CryoFusion. Prior to joining the CryoFusion team, Kayla worked with a wide range of athletes, from high school students to athletes who competed in the 2016 Olympics. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina, the leading sport science school in the nation. Kayla’s experience working with top Division I athletes brings additional insight to CryoFusion making her a wonderful asset to our team. She has years of experience with prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries to all areas of the body. In addition to her time at the University of South Carolina, Kayla also travelled to Australia for a month to study sport science down under.

Kayla was born in California and moved to Colorado at the age of one. Growing up in Colorado she developed a passion for wildlife and the outdoors. Before she turns 40 she wants to spend a summer in South Africa studying her favorite animal, the great white shark. In her free time you can find her at a Rockies game or playing fetch with her dog.

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