Aquaroll is a non-pharmaceutical, non surgical way to treat and protect against a variety of hand, wrist, food and ankle conditions. Aquaroll uses 30,000 glass beads, and warm or cold water to increase oxygenated blood flow to distal parts of the body. This increase in blood flow not only allows the body to go through osteogenesis at a faster rate, but it also provides joint spacenwhich preserves the cartilage and avascular tissue in your extremities. Aquaroll is currently being used by many athletes to treat and aid in post surgery recovery for Achilles tendon tears, foot fractures, and hand/wrist injuries.

The 30,000 glass beads in circulation with the water create a compressive and vibrational effect directly influences the nerve endings stemming from both the cervical and lumbar spine. This assists in the bodies ability to fight chronic pain, fatigue, and lymphadema resulting from injuries or lack of circulation. Ultimately the Aquaroll is the most innovative and effective hand, wrist, foot and ankle recovery device on the market. We are cutting the rehabilitation time for bone fractures and tendon/ligament tears by up to 50%.

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